Statement of Safeguarding

The Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead person in school is Mrs S Knowles, Pastoral Leader. The Designated Safeguarding Team consists of Mr N Edensor Headteacher, Mrs B Tidey Senior Deputy Headteacher, Mrs R Wilkinson Senior Inclusion Support Worker, Mrs L Jackson SENDCo and Mrs M Whitaker Inclusion Support Worker.

The Designated Safeguarding Governor is Ms L Hegarty

If you wish to discuss or pass on any concerns you have regarding safeguarding and child protection please contact our Safeguarding Staff through the school office (Option 3) or by emailing

Beeston Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children. To achieve our commitment, we will ensure continuous development and improvement of robust safeguarding processes and procedures that promote a culture of safeguarding amongst our staff, children, governors and volunteers.

In accordance with statutory guidance all staff regularly attend Child Protection training and are aware of procedures to follow when reporting suspected incidents of abuse.

All staff are trained in evacuation and lockdown procedures and these skills are practiced with the children in school throughout the academic year.

In school we work with a number of external agencies. To safeguard and protect individual pupil’s welfare, robust safer recruitment guidelines are followed with regard to recruitment and all staff and regular volunteers undergo DBS checks to assess their suitability.

We pride ourselves on knowing not just about our children’s learning, but about them and their families as individuals and valued members of our school and local community. We work closely with the Beeston, Cottingley and Middleton Cluster to offer additional external support to families.

All adults who work in school have a responsibility to read and understand all safeguarding policies and to act within accordance of the school’s Safeguarding and Child Protection policy at all times. This expectation is displayed on the school’s staff noticeboard, as explained in the staff Handbook and in the visitors ‘Welcome’ leaflet. (Available to visitors at reception) 

All adults are also expected to read the DfE booklet: Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Further information about safeguarding children in Leeds can be found on the Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership website.

Click here to view our current Safeguarding policies

Reporting a Safeguarding Concern>


Advice for Children

If someone is hurting you, doing things to you against your will or being mean to you, tell someone: your parents, your friends, trusted teachers or other staff at school. You should also speak to us if you are worried about someone else – a child or an adult.

At Beeston Primary, the staff with special training to help you to keep safe are:  Mrs Knowles, Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Whitaker and Mrs Jackson . You don’t have to speak to those members of staff; any adult in school will be able to help you.


If you don’t wish to speak to someone in school, you have other choices:


If you are being bullied online, or if you have any concerns about things on the internet, speak to a trusted adult, call the police or use this link:

Anti-Bullying >

Online/ E-Safety >


Domestic Violence

Beeston  Primary School is part of a project that runs jointly between schools and West Yorkshire Police. It has been established to support children who are resident in households where there are incidents of domestic violence and abuse. The initiative has been designed to provide confidential notification to schools on any incidents of domestic violence and abuse which occur within a child’s household that might have an impact on a child whilst he or she is in school. Clearly this enables us to support a child who may come into school potential worries or emotional barriers to their learning.


This project ensures that members of the school staff are trained to use the information that has been shared in confidence and are able to make provision for possible difficulties experienced by children or their families. We work hard to offer the best possible support to our pupils and we believe this is beneficial for all those involved.


If you would like to speak to someone in school about domestic violence or wish to know more about our involvement in Operation Encompass, please contact Mrs Knowles Pastoral Leader, Mrs Wilkinson or  Mrs Whitaker on the school number (option 1) or by emailing


If you would like further support or information about domestic violence and abuse please go to


Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation, or CSE, is a form of sexual abuse which sees children/young people being manipulated or coerced into sexual activity for receiving ‘something’ such as; gifts, money, food, attention, somewhere to stay etc.

Technology is very often used to groom victims. This may occur through social networking sites and mobile phones with internet access.

CSE has gained a large amount of media attention over the last year as lots of services involved with children and young people have noticed a big rise in cases involving CSE. Charities such as NSPCC and Barnardos have been campaigning to raise the profile of this form of child abuse. Information regarding CSE can be found here below.

If you would like more information about Stopping Child Exploitation please click here to read a leaflet from Pace (Parents against Child Exploitation)