Pupil Rewards

Good behaviour is expected at our school and all members of school staff endeavour to promote and model the behaviour we expect to see. In addition, we think it is very important that children who are; polite, respectful, well-mannered and try hard with their learning are rewarded and made to feel proud of their choices.

At Beeston Primary, we believe that positive reinforcement of good behaviour is the most effective way of encouraging children to follow our school rules. Our Pupil Reward System encourages children to behave appropriately, whilst ensuring that every child is treated fairly and respectfully. Children are awarded points for their daily attendance, appropriate behaviour in school and outstanding effort and achievement in their learning. Children will start each learning session on three points. Points will be deducted if children are not following classroom expectations and are placed on a step.

Behaviour points earned can be used by the children to purchase items from our Reward Shop. Parents are able to access their child’s individual reward account online to track their child’s progress and achievements. Children’s individual points will also be added to their allocated Houses’ weekly points score. Totals for each house are unveiled by the House Captains in the school’s weekly celebration assembly.

Reward Club