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Date – 18/3/2022

Meeting area – Breakfast Club

Topics to discuss – Out door areas

Apologies – 6TW

In Attendance,6JS,6ZP, 5JM,5JT,5EB,4CW,4MG,4MA,3LF,3JG,3HC,2HB,2JS,2LC.

Points discussed

Mrs Oxley attend the meeting we talked about Health and Safety in the playgrounds.

Bottom step has already to be fixed.

In the holidays new floor is being put down on the bottom playground, where there are holes in the ground.

Playground separate on KS2 top play ground in the tree, people messing with it and becoming dangerous, Mrs Oxley to ask Mr Foxton to fix it.

Mrs Oxley spoke about the amount of money spent on playground, ie the basketball hoops, costing £6000, one child asked how much the new playground in FS2 had cost, Mrs Oxley advised it was £100,000.

We talked about playtime monitor’s helping to keep our equipment in good condition, and that Mr Nicholson is on with doing that.


· School council chose the Friendship sign for outside to replace the broken ones, The Anti Bully Ambassadors have been working hard to design one, however there were three we all really liked bits of so we are going to ask the winners to put their ideas together. More details to follow.

· Next Meeting will be April 22nd at 2.15.


Minutes by, R. Wilkinson

Date – 4/3/2022

Meeting area – Breakfast Club

Topics to discuss – Out door areas

Apologies – 6TW,6JT,6ZP, 5JM,5JT,5EB,4CW,4MG,4MA,3LF,3JG,3HC,2HB,2JS, NO 2LC.

Points discussed

*Please can you make sure you read emails about school council, we spent 15 mins of the session finding children

*We looked at the playgrounds outside and found, a loose step leading to the bottom playground, holes in the floor outside 4CW.

Uneven ground on the bottom playground near the stairs.

Top playground end of tape in the tree, children are pulling at it, (little dangerous.)

Talked about the steps, up and down, the children find the stairs unsafe, and would like a barrier.

Ideas from school council are,

Arrows going up and arrows down

Line going down the stairs

Rail going down the stairs

This would be good to help congestion on the steps..

Mrs Oxley is coming to School council on 18th March, we have some questions around the playgrounds and some ideas for her,


· Anti Bullying Ambassadors for the KS2 playground. Mrs Wilkinson will discuss this at the next ABA meeting.

· Litter pickers, School Council have volunteered to collect litter on the playgrounds, they will look for helpers, rota to be made at next meeting at Litter picking to start Summer 1.


Please make sure your school council representative has time to feedback to their class


Minutes by R Wilkinson


Date – 8/12/21

Meeting area – Nurture room

Topics to discuss – Decorating stars /sorting for classes.

Sponsored event

Apologies, no rep from 5EB.

Points discussed

· Ideas for Sponsored events, sponsored silence, running around the playground (a mile), bun sales, Own cloths day, completion of making a book, vote a teacher to get soaked, selling old books, Pj day, raffle books to win, charity football match, toy day, board games competition, Draw a school’s superhero, coffee morning. Talent show, tuck shop, sports shop.

Ideas to be given to Mrs Walker, a decision to be made, and sponsored even to take place in February

· Library books discussed, Mrs Walker has asked for feedback from all children of what they would like to see in the library, these are the children’s ideas. Adventure books, poems, football books, Tom Palmer, David Walliams, Michael Morpugo, JK Rowling, Mystery books, Jeff Kenny, Michael Rosa, Roald Dahl, Horror, Fantasy, action, Comedy.

· The School Council will be distributing stars to be decorated, as discussed in your briefing, these need to be decorated, and a wish written on them, (not a Christmas wish). Years 6 – 3.

· Topics to discuss for next meeting. School uniform, and Pe kits, we have talked about the price of PE kits, ie, a football kit at £60, or a school PE kit at £10. We have spoken about how we like a uniform as it makes dress up days fun, and that we all look smart, and ready to learn.

We would like a vote on this please.


Minutes by R Wilkinson 8/12/21

Date – 13/10/2021      Meeting area – Nurture Room

Topics to discuss –

Vote for Captain and Chair

School dinners Survey, Library; Questions sent by Rowan Walker

What would you like our school library to look like?

Would you like pictures on the walls?

Would you like a comfy place to sit and read?

Display about authors?


Points discussed in meeting

Chair and Vice not voted for, due to not enough children.

All the children were given their badges and school council book, we talked through the Dinner survey.

We discussed the role of a school counsellor, and how important the children’s voice is in our school.

Areas we would like to discuss in next meeting

Topics discussed with the group.

Little maze within the trim trail.

Slime club/ after school clubs

More equipment for outside

Class pets

Bigger lockers

Sand pit KS1 Playground

The children wold like to look at improving the playgrounds, as they feel there aren’t enough toys or activities to keep them busy.


Minutes by R Wilkinson 13/10/21

Meeting minutes:

Date – 15.07.20     Meeting area – 2HC

Topics to discuss – New school dinner system

Apologies –

Points discussed:

· Mrs Carter (governor) and Maggie (from the kitchen) came to school council.

· We shared the positive feedback about the new dinner system – the children agreed that they are getting their lunch quicker and are happy with the system.

· We agreed that the dinner hall is still too loud and the children felt that there is still lots of food waste.

· The Food Ambassadors have been going into the hall and giving stickers to children who are eating healthy foods or to children who are trying new healthy foods from the salad bar. The children were reminded to give stickers to children who have healthy lunchboxes too!

· Feedback from Maggie – working better in school and it is easier to see what the children like and dislike.

· Some of the children in Key Stage 2 would also like the dinner menu with pictures to support them with understanding what the dinner options are.

· Children to tell their class that they can say to the dinner ladies if they don’t like something (e.g. strawberry yogurts). This will help to reduce our food waste and allow Maggie to order an alternative which they like.

· Children to also feedback to their class that if they find a dinner band, they need to hand it to the office.

· Next meeting – Wednesday 29th January.

· Please make sure your school council representative has time to feedback to their class

Minutes by R Wilkinson and H Clark.


Date – 8.1.2020                Meeting area – 2HC

Topics to discuss – New school dinner system and behaviour system

Apologies –

Points discussed:

· We want to find out what children think about our new school dinner system. We thought of questions that we could put on a survey: do you like the new system? do you get lunch quicker? do you find it easier to get your lunch? has the noise level changed in the hall? do you think we have more or less waste? do you find it easy to read the menu? (KS2 only) and do you think there is enough variety of foods?

· We chose 5 questions for the survey. The survey needs to be completed and returned to Mrs Wilkinson or Miss Clark by next Tuesday (14th January).

· Mrs Carter and Maggie (from the kitchen) are coming to school council next week so that we can feedback the findings from our survey.

· In preparation of the new behaviour policy, we thought about what we could do outside at playtime to improve behaviour and to stop lots of children going to the inclusion room. We suggested having calming down areas in the playground with timers for children to go to.

· Please make sure your school council representative has time to feedback to their class

Minutes by R Wilkinson and H Clark.


Date – 6.11.19          Meeting area – 2HC

Topics to discuss – Behaviour Booklet

Apologies –

Points discussed:

· The children shared their class’ suggestions about what the school rules/values should be. These are now going to be passed onto SLT.

· We looked at examples of behaviour policies from other schools and thought about what could be included in ours: team points, certificates, Afternoon Tea, characteristics of learning, steps and the inclusion room.

· School council will be in 2HC next week so that we can work in smaller groups to start our behaviour booklet!

· Please make sure your school council representative has time to feedback to their class

Minutes by R Wilkinson and H Clark.


Date – 23.10.19     Meeting area – 2HC

Topics to discuss – The school curriculum

Apologies –

Points discussed

· Mrs Tidey came to visit School Council to feedback ideas:

What makes Beeston Primary School special? We have a big computer suite, the teachers are kind, children care about learning, afternoon tea, good adults in school, the things we learn, the shared area, we have lots of special children, everyone is treating equally and we’re all friends

– What are the best parts of our school curriculum? Breakfast! trips, activities, homework, parents visiting school, bagels, discos, staff to keep us safe, everybody’s welcome, swimming, science, spelling activities, Timetables Rockstars, challenges in maths, science because you learn about habitats and making things with clay.

– What parts of our school curriculum do you think we could improve? An after school drama club, more trips, healthy snack bar at playtime, more experiments in science, more sports competitions, competing against other schools and the football area.


· The children were given their school council badges.

· After half term, the children will be making a child friendly behaviour booklet. In preparation, school council need to ask the children in their class what they think the school rules should be. Children to write answers in their books and feedback after half term.

· The children were asked if they had a feelings wall and worry box (in preparation for anti-bulling week).

· Please make sure your school council representative has time to feedback to their class


Minutes by R Wilkinson and H Clark.


Date – 16.10.19          Meeting area – Conference Room

Topics to discuss – The school curriculum

Apologies –

Points discussed

· Mrs Tidey came to visit School Council to give them a special job.

– The children have been given three questions to ask the children in their class. They are to record answers on the sheet and bring it back to school council next week.

– The teachers and governors are looking at the school curriculum (what we do) to make sure it is the best it can be! We want to make it better by listening to what the children want.

– The questions are:

– What makes Beeston Primary School special?

– What are the best parts of our school curriculum?

– What parts of our school curriculum do you think we could improve?

· Mrs Tidey is coming to school council next week for the feedback.

· The children had a group photo for the website!

Minutes by R Wilkinson and H Clark.



Date – 9.10.19           Meeting area – Conference Room

Topics to discuss – Voting for Vice, Chair and Treasurer.

Apologies –

Points discussed

· Claire Carter came to visit School Council. She asked the children the following questions:

– What motivates/empowers you to do better? To help people do new things. To push other children when they need help.

– Who motivates you in school to do better? Teachers, teaching assistants and friends

– Do the Characteristics of Learning help motivate you? We have 7 and they are changed every week. Children worked together to name them all. They teach us to have a good growth mindset. If we stand out to our teacher, we get a certificate on a Friday.


· We held the vote for Chair, Vice and Treasurer. Bella, Cameron and Olivia gave a speech to say why School Council should vote for them.

· Chair: Cameron, Vice: Olivia and Treasurer: Bella.

· Daria, Eloise, Jak, Jordan, Bella, Olly and Jake have nominated themselves to be Food Ambassadors.

· Children would like to be displayed (have a photograph up) in their classroom to show they are the class representative/school councillor.

· Next meeting: Wednesday 16th October.