Lunch (February 2022>>)

(Please note the dates for each week)

Please Note…

If your child is late to school, they will be automatically allocated the GREEN band option with fruit for dessert.


Foundation Stage 2:   Free of charge (under the Universal free school meals scheme)

Years 1 and 2:            Free of charge (under the Universal free school meals scheme)

Year 3 to 6:                 £2.20 per day.




Who is eligible for the subsidised products

“In England, Scotland and Wales, pupils regularly attending Ofsted-registered pre-school, nursery, primary or secondary school are eligible for subsidised milk, milk products and yoghurt.

In these areas, all pre-school children who are under 5 years old and in day care are eligible for free milk under the Nursery Milk Scheme.

Pupils under 5 years old (‘rising fives’) in primary education reception classes are eligible under either the School Milk Subsidy Scheme or the Nursery Milk Scheme but not both.” (

At Beeston Primary School, children who attend Foundation 1 are entitled to one free carton of milk per session. In Foundation 2, children will continue to be entitled to free milk until the term of their 5th birthday. Please see below for associated charges for the year.

£15 Children born September-December

£10 Children born January- April

£5  Children born May- August

All other children are entitled to subsidised milk at the cost of £15 per year.

Please make all payements in a named, labelled envelope to the blue money tin in your child’s classroom. Monies will no longer be accepted at the office.