Children in Foundation Stage are using the Numberblocks programmes and learning resources to support their developing understanding of each number.

Links to the programmes can be found on YouTubeBBC iPlayer or Cbeebies 

Big Maths Beat That – Learn Its

Big Maths Learn Its are being used across school to improve mental maths.

In total, there are 36 addition ‘Learn Its’ and 36 multiplication ‘Learn Its’.

Children in Year 1 and Year 2 are given a set of ‘Learn It’ facts that they are asked to learn.  The children need to know these facts instantly and be able to answer questions about these as quick as they can answer the question, what is your name?

The aim of the ‘Learn Its’ is to ensure that children know all the basic addition and multiplication facts by heart so that they can be applied instantly to many areas of their Numeracy work. The children should also know the related division and subtraction facts.

Please help your child to learn these facts as they impact so much on their maths skills and speed of answering questions

Each week, the children will be quizzed on the  ‘Learn Its,’ for their year group using a different Big Maths Beat That quiz (examples below). Dependant on the year group of the child, the quiz asks the children to recall a set number of facts, in a set number of seconds.

The tests will be different each week, and a copy of the test will be sent home so you can see how your child has done. The aim is for each child to beat their previous score. It is not a competition between the class, but a way to celebrate each child’s progression.

When the children do their Learn Its Quiz – they are played a song, which times them from start to finish.

A crucial part of doing the learn its is that all children do a little dance to get them warmed up!

Why not try doing the Learn Its at home, with the sound files below!

Ask the children to challenge their family members to see who gets the most in the set time.

Click below to hear the Sound Files

20 Second Sound File – Reception

30 Second Sound File – Year 1

60 Second Sound File


Why are Mental Recall and Times Tables Important?

Quick Mental Recall and knowing their times tables provides children with the opportunity to answer questions quickly and effectively. Often, when completing complex maths problems, children make errors with the calculation, rather than the process.

There is now a statutory times tables test for Year 4 children to complete towards the end of the academic year.

Log in to your Times Tables Rock Stars account to practice now.

Calculation Policy Documents

Below you can click into the supporting documents to get a better understanding of methods we now teach in school to perform different calculations.

The videos are of our children showing you how they would use each method.