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March 31, 2022

Young people in Leeds who are eligible for Free School Meals (not if only taking up Universal Free School Meals R-Y2) are entitled to a FREE Breeze Pass.

(If you are not eligible a BREEZE pass can be purchased and could still offer some fantastic discounts if used regularly!)

What is the offer?A free Breeze Pass to every child and young person that is eligible for free school meals. This is an ongoing offer and so can be redeemed whenever someone becomes eligible.What is the Breeze Pass?The Breeze Pass has replaced the Breeze Card.The Breeze Pass is a digital pass that sits on your phone giving you some pretty cool discounts, VIP experiences, priority bookings and offers to venues, events and different activities across the city and West Yorkshire.Normally it would cost £5 per yearOnce you have the Pass on your phone you will get notified of the latest Pass Perks which are constantly being updated and changing.The Breeze Pass is there to help give access to sports, arts and culture to children and young people across the city. As well as making lots of activities cheaper it also gives the chance to experience VIP offers and activities that are only for Breeze Pass members.

How do I get one?Follow this link Get Your Free Pass HereRegister or create an account on Leeds Ticket HubAdd the details of the child or young person that the Pass is for.You will then receive a confirmation email from Leeds Ticket Hub and a welcome email from Breeze with your membership details.

Download the BREEZE PASS LEEDS app from your phone’s app storeActivate your Breeze Pass using the Membership detailsStart using your Breeze Pass to access offers, discounts, VIP experiences and priority bookings. Keep an eye out for new perks coming soon!

Lauren (Leeds City Council – Breeze Team)

Check out BREEZE PASS benefits here!

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