1st July 2021: LFT vs PCR Covid testing


July 2, 2021

Cases of COVID-19 are currently rising in our local community and we are getting reports of several bubble closures in local schools.

Please can we remind you that you must not send your child to school if they are unwell. If they display even a minor symptom of COVID-19 you must isolate them and get a PCR test. Absence will be authorised in this instance.

The rapid response (LFT) tests are not intended for anyone with symptoms and can not be relied upon in this case. A lab tested PCR must be booked.

Whilst we appreciate it is an inconvenience, incredibly frustrating and can be very difficult for parents to manage, we will continue to request your child is collected from school and taken for a PCR test if they display symptoms during the day.

We are very aware that pollen levels are high and some of our asthmatic children are struggling with poor chests, however, we will continue to be extremely cautious, particularly if anyone in school develops a cough or a raised temperature.

We have four weeks to go to the end of the year and we are keen to ensure our children can enjoy the rest of the academic year. Please help us to keep Beeston Primary Covid free.

Thanks for your continued support. It is very much appreciated.


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