08th November 2020: Nursery Closure (staffing)


July 9, 2021

Over the weekend we have been informed by Public Health England that a number of our Nursery staff are having to isolate because of the Government’s Track and Trace programme. No members of staff within our Nursery unit have tested positive for Covid-19, however they may have been in recent contact with people outside of school who have.

As a result, those members of staff have been advised to isolate as a precaution. Therefore, we have no other option to close our Nursery from tomorrow for the next 14 days. Our Nursery families do not need to isolate as there has not been a case within Nursery, but we have been advised it would not be safe to open with the limited number of staff that we have left

We understand that this will cause inconvenience for our Nursery families, however your child’s safety is our priority first and foremost.

Nursery will reopen on Monday 23rd November 2020

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