Should your child have to isolate with Covid symptoms, a bubble collapse due to a positive test within the bubble or a local/national lockdown, the government would like us to ensure all children are accessing learning and making progress.

This page is to help you become more familiar with technology you may have at home already and be unaware about, or technology you may wish to purchase to facilitate any future home learning.

What technology do I already have at home? Are there features of your devices you are unaware of/not using?

Some parents expressed they were uncomfortable with their child(ren) having to use a Smartphone to access the activities we are posting. To get around this you may choose to…

(These videos area couple of years old, so features may look a little different now, but it gives you an idea)

Do you have a smart TV with in built browser? If you are using apps such as Netflix/NowTV etc you probably do. This video below will show you how on an LG Smart TV.

Have a different TV? Search YouTube to see if there is an information video to tell you how to do it.

(a document a member of our team found online)

And possibly… (but also maybe not?!)…


You may wish to let your child do their work in a book/on a piece of paper and then send it in to the class teacher for reading. Here is how you could do this using an iPhone or an Android device.

If you set your document to be a PDF, staff can then annotate using the coloured pens feature to highlight some points to improve upon. They will send this back for your child to edit and improve.

Microsoft Teams