Learning from home online


Please continue to check the updated resources section for the most recent updates to online resources.

During the time that school is closed we will be publishing activities your child can access at home. Each year group has a page with dedicated activities, set by their teachers and these will be updated daily. Please feel free to explore activities set by other year groups as well. We will endeavour to have the new activities live by 9am each week day. 

The page below has links to many different apps and websites that you or you child can access for further learning activities. We will also be keeping this page updated with further learning opportunities as they arrise. 

Understanding handwashing vs. sanitiser


Mindful Monsters Activities.

 Fun and engaging activities to occupy you and your children during these challenging times. 
 Mindful Monsters is a fun and exciting way to introduce your children to mindfulness. Focusing on 4 key areas Mindful Monsters aims to boost creativity, improve concentration, inspire positivity and aid relaxation.


Looking for a way to talk to your child about Coronavirus? - try this free e-book written with doctors and illustrated by the illustrator of The Gruffalo, Axel Scheffler. Click Here.


Home LEarning Links

Below are a list of websites and apps that you can access at home. Many are available on phones and tablets as well as on a computer. You may wish to use some of these to support your child with learning at home. Your child’s class teacher will monitor their progress on Emile and Times Tables Rockstars. Emile will assess your child’s levels in the different areas and this will target the work at their current level.

During the school closure we will endeavour to keep this list updated and for any further resources please visit your child’s year group page on our school website.

Updated resources:


The Department for Education have released this advice about phonics at home. 

Child Friendly Leeds Ultimate Parent Guide

Child Friendly Leeds have created their "ultimate" guide for parents during this pandemic with guidance, ideas and creative activities.

The Oak National Academy

A new website which started this week providing daily video lessons taught by teachers for Reception upwards.

BBC Bitesize

The BBC are releasing daily lessons for Year 1 upwards - some of the Y1 content will also be suitable for children in reception. This can be accessed on iPlayer, the red button on your TV and on their website.


This service provides our speech and language support in school. They have lots of ideas and activities including live storytelling sessions each week and a range of activities to support communication and language development at home.  They are creating lots of content on their social media just click on the images below.


Barefoot Computing

Challenge your computational thinking with a range of activities and games designed for Primary aged children.

Goverment List:

The government have compiled a list of websites they recommend for home learning. 


You can sign your child up to Sumdog for free to work on maths, spelling and reading.

The Maths Factor

Sign your child up on The Maths Factor with Carol Vorderman. It will match the learning to your child's needs. Currently free during school closures.

Active Imaginations

Here you can find lots of Change 4 Life activities you can do at home with your child.

The Book Trust

The Book Trust have got lots of lovely books free to read online. There are many classic children's stories where children can follow along as the story is read to them. 

White Rose Maths

This resouce is one that we use in school to guide our curriculum. They have made some resources to use at home specific to each year group. 


Audible have made their childrens audio books free for children to listen to.

David Walliams

For the next 30 days David Walliams will be releasing a FREE audio story


Free resources:


Maths and English: All children have a free login for this website during the school closure.

There is an app and a website – this works a bit better as an app. Children can login and practice maths, phonics and spelling and on the app they can use their scores to earn points to grow and develop their character.


Maths: All children in school have a login for Times Tables Rockstars. They can login here on a computer, tablet or mobile to play games to practise their times tables and earn points they can spend in the TTRS shop.



All curriculum areas including PE: A website (and a free app) where there are educational songs and music videos. There are also mindfulness and exercise videos too for children to follow.



Maths and English: Aimed at 4-6 year olds. Go Hairy is a family friendly channel with a solid educational foundation, helping to get kids ready for school and establish a love of learning right from the start. Humour and cute hairy characters are blended with memory strategies, helping children understand phonics and develop number sense, while having great fun! The perfect channel for early learners who are beginning to read, spell and understand numbers.



English: A free website where children can play interactive phonics games suitable for all children learning phonics from Reception upwards. (This can be used as an app but the cost is around £5).



Reading: On this website you will find lots of free e-books to keep your child reading at home. You can even match these to your child’s reading level in school as they are from the same reading scheme used in school.



Phonics and Maths: Go Hairy is a family friendly channel with a solid educational foundation, helping to get kids ready for school and establish a love of learning right from the start.



Computing: Children can access this free coding tool to create their own animations and games. This is a piece of software many of our children are used to using in school.



Phonics: Here you can find a range of phonic activities suitable for children age 3-7.

You can log in at the moment with:

Username: march20
Password: home




Free trial:


All curriculum areas: A website full of resources and activities for children to access at home. There are also lots of free educational games to access. There is plenty of FREE content but for wider access and a free 1 month trial use the code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS. See the Parents User Guide below.


Early Years Apps:

Fish School HD – by Duck Duck Moose – Free

English and Maths: This interactive, colourful app teaches kids to recognise shapes, numbers, colours and letters through a series of mini-games set in a bright, underwater wonderland.

Gracie & Friends City Skate – by First 8 Studios at WGBH - Free

Maths: In Gracie and Friends City Skate, players skate through the city and jump when they see the right number groupings in order to collect items for a birthday party.

Kids Academy Talented & Gifted by Kids Academy Company - Free

Maths, English, Physical Development: It seems like this app simply has it all. Explore over five thousands games, videos, worksheets and even a personalised learning plan, suitable for little ones across almost all age groups.