Our School Council

Meet our Food Ambassadors

This weeks meeting minutes:

Date – 15.07.20     Meeting area – 2HC

Topics to discuss – New school dinner system

Apologies –

Points discussed:

· Mrs Carter (governor) and Maggie (from the kitchen) came to school council.

· We shared the positive feedback about the new dinner system - the children agreed that they are getting their lunch quicker and are happy with the system.

· We agreed that the dinner hall is still too loud and the children felt that there is still lots of food waste.

· The Food Ambassadors have been going into the hall and giving stickers to children who are eating healthy foods or to children who are trying new healthy foods from the salad bar. The children were reminded to give stickers to children who have healthy lunchboxes too!

· Feedback from Maggie – working better in school and it is easier to see what the children like and dislike. 

· Some of the children in Key Stage 2 would also like the dinner menu with pictures to support them with understanding what the dinner options are.

· Children to tell their class that they can say to the dinner ladies if they don’t like something (e.g. strawberry yogurts). This will help to reduce our food waste and allow Maggie to order an alternative which they like.

· Children to also feedback to their class that if they find a dinner band, they need to hand it to the office.

· Next meeting – Wednesday 29th January.

· Please make sure your school council representative has time to feedback to their class 

Minutes by R Wilkinson and H Clark.


Date – 8.1.2020                Meeting area – 2HC

Topics to discuss – New school dinner system and behaviour system

Apologies –

Points discussed:

· We want to find out what children think about our new school dinner system. We thought of questions that we could put on a survey: do you like the new system? do you get lunch quicker? do you find it easier to get your lunch? has the noise level changed in the hall? do you think we have more or less waste? do you find it easy to read the menu? (KS2 only) and do you think there is enough variety of foods?

· We chose 5 questions for the survey. The survey needs to be completed and returned to Mrs Wilkinson or Miss Clark by next Tuesday (14th January).

· Mrs Carter and Maggie (from the kitchen) are coming to school council next week so that we can feedback the findings from our survey.

· In preparation of the new behaviour policy, we thought about what we could do outside at playtime to improve behaviour and to stop lots of children going to the inclusion room. We suggested having calming down areas in the playground with timers for children to go to.

· Please make sure your school council representative has time to feedback to their class 

Minutes by R Wilkinson and H Clark.


Date – 6.11.19          Meeting area – 2HC

Topics to discuss – Behaviour Booklet

Apologies –

Points discussed:

· The children shared their class’ suggestions about what the school rules/values should be. These are now going to be passed onto SLT.

· We looked at examples of behaviour policies from other schools and thought about what could be included in ours: team points, certificates, Afternoon Tea, characteristics of learning, steps and the inclusion room.

· School council will be in 2HC next week so that we can work in smaller groups to start our behaviour booklet!

· Please make sure your school council representative has time to feedback to their class 

Minutes by R Wilkinson and H Clark.


Date – 23.10.19     Meeting area – 2HC

Topics to discuss – The school curriculum

Apologies –

Points discussed

· Mrs Tidey came to visit School Council to feedback ideas:

What makes Beeston Primary School special? We have a big computer suite, the teachers are kind, children care about learning, afternoon tea, good adults in school, the things we learn, the shared area, we have lots of special children, everyone is treating equally and we’re all friends

- What are the best parts of our school curriculum? Breakfast! trips, activities, homework, parents visiting school, bagels, discos, staff to keep us safe, everybody’s welcome, swimming, science, spelling activities, Timetables Rockstars, challenges in maths, science because you learn about habitats and making things with clay.

- What parts of our school curriculum do you think we could improve? An after school drama club, more trips, healthy snack bar at playtime, more experiments in science, more sports competitions, competing against other schools and the football area.


· The children were given their school council badges.

· After half term, the children will be making a child friendly behaviour booklet. In preparation, school council need to ask the children in their class what they think the school rules should be. Children to write answers in their books and feedback after half term.

· The children were asked if they had a feelings wall and worry box (in preparation for anti-bulling week).

· Please make sure your school council representative has time to feedback to their class 


Minutes by R Wilkinson and H Clark.


Date – 16.10.19          Meeting area – Conference Room

Topics to discuss – The school curriculum

Apologies –

Points discussed

· Mrs Tidey came to visit School Council to give them a special job.

- The children have been given three questions to ask the children in their class. They are to record answers on the sheet and bring it back to school council next week.

- The teachers and governors are looking at the school curriculum (what we do) to make sure it is the best it can be! We want to make it better by listening to what the children want.

- The questions are:

- What makes Beeston Primary School special?

- What are the best parts of our school curriculum?

- What parts of our school curriculum do you think we could improve?

· Mrs Tidey is coming to school council next week for the feedback.

· The children had a group photo for the website!

Minutes by R Wilkinson and H Clark.



Date – 9.10.19           Meeting area – Conference Room

Topics to discuss – Voting for Vice, Chair and Treasurer.

Apologies –

Points discussed

· Claire Carter came to visit School Council. She asked the children the following questions:

- What motivates/empowers you to do better? To help people do new things. To push other children when they need help.

- Who motivates you in school to do better? Teachers, teaching assistants and friends

- Do the Characteristics of Learning help motivate you? We have 7 and they are changed every week. Children worked together to name them all. They teach us to have a good growth mindset. If we stand out to our teacher, we get a certificate on a Friday.


· We held the vote for Chair, Vice and Treasurer. Bella, Cameron and Olivia gave a speech to say why School Council should vote for them.

· Chair: Cameron, Vice: Olivia and Treasurer: Bella.

· Daria, Eloise, Jak, Jordan, Bella, Olly and Jake have nominated themselves to be Food Ambassadors.

· Children would like to be displayed (have a photograph up) in their classroom to show they are the class representative/school councillor.

· Next meeting: Wednesday 16th October.



Meeting minutes 2018/19:


School Council Meetings 2018/2019

Date – 6/3/19

 Meeting area – Breakfast Club

Topics to discuss – School Hall/ Miss Brown to talk to us around lunchtimes

 Apologies   . 

Points discussed  

·      Miss Brown fed back ideas from her course about how to make dinner time a more pleasant experience.

·      A Queue Jump Pass is going to be introduced (1 for each year group). If Mrs Stone sees a child doing the right thing, she could give them a Queue Jump Pass. This allows the child to go to the front of the dinner queue, once they’ve used it, they give it back to Mrs Stone.

·      The children discussed whether they liked the idea of: getting certificates in assembly for being well-behaved at dinnertime, being able to eat on a golden plate/tray if they have been seen eating their dinner sensibly or using the cutlery correctly, dinner ladies giving more rewards such as stickers or team points for positive behaviour and packed lunches being at one side of the hall and school dinners at the other.KS2 children to ask their class – If you’re last at going for dinner, is there anyways a choice of what you can have?


School Council Meetings 2018/2019

Date – 13.02.19

 Meeting area – Breakfast club

Topics to discuss – packed lunch

 Apologies- 3TW

Points discussed  

·      The children completed an activity to say what should be in a healthy packed lunch at Beeston Primary School. The children fed back their ideas.

·      Are we allowed to bring nuts into school? RW and HC to find out.

·      We discussed what a healthy ‘balanced’ packed lunch would look like.

·      RW gave the rotas to the food ambassadors. They were shown the stickers that they are going to be giving out at lunchtime in the hall.


Minutes by R Wilkinson


Date – 6/02/19

 Meeting area – Breakfast club

Topics to discuss – Claire Williams School Governor to talk about behaviour in school 

 Apologies – Sophia Aman 3TW

Points discussed  

·      Claire Williams asked the children the following questions:

-         What would your teacher expect you to do if you found a task difficult? Ask for help, ask them to explain it clearer, ask a partner.

-         What is behaviour like in school? A bit crazy, in the middle (not good, not bad), can be very busy at playtime, it’s quiet in class so we can learn.

-         What do your teachers do if someone miss behaves? Give them warnings, put them on steps, and send them to the Inclusion Room (step 3).

-         What teacher would you talk to if you were being bullied? Anti-bullying ambassadors, dinner ladies, tell the teacher what happened, Mrs Wilkinson or you could put it in the worry box if you’re too shy to say.

-         Do you think teachers do enough to limit bullying in school? Teachers listen to your opinion, they get all the children who were involved in the incident to find out what has happened, sometimes teachers say we are telling tales, and teachers always sort it.

·      We welcomed the new Year Ones!

·      Lucas, Ollie, Eloise, Sophie, Jasmine and Kayla will be salad bar monitors. They will give children a sticker for having a healthy lunch/taking and eating salad. This will start Monday (Mrs Wilkinson will create a rota). Children to feed this back to their class.

·      Photograph taken of School Council for the website.

·      In preparation for next week, children to ask their class – What do you think is a healthy, balanced packed lunch? Children to write ideas in their books to feedback next week.

·      Next meeting: Wednesday 13th February.

·      Children would like to be displayed (have a photograph up) in their classroom to show they are the class representative/school councillor.

Minutes by R Wilkinson and H Clark.


Date – 16/01/19

Meeting area – B Club

Topics to discuss – Bagels/ School Lunch

Apologies  LH 6ZP . 

Points discussed:  

·      Children have said that some children in years 4, 5 and 6 have been going for an early lunch and telling the dinner ladies they have a job to do, when they don’t.

·      Feedback from class – 254 children like bagels and 58 children don’t have breakfast (Years 2 to 6).

·      Bagel Bar assembly – Monday 4th February. School council to help toast, butter and bring the bagels to both assemblies.

·       Feedback from Checklist for School Lunches – the children have mixed opinions about school dinners, results have been given to Mrs White for further discussions.  

·      Miss Brown is going on a course to learn how we can make lunchtime a more pleasant experience at Beeston Primary School. Miss Brown will feedback her ideas.

·      Next meeting: Wednesday 23rd January 2019


Points to be Discussed (9/1/19)

* Writing the letter to the other schools about our area.

* Mrs Knowles to talk to us about free breakfast

* Food Ambassadors feedback


Points discussed:

* Year One to join School Council at the end of January, teachers to hold a vote in class.

* Mrs Knowles has been to a National Breakfast Club meeting and we are going to have a free Bagel Bar for the children who haven’t had breakfast or haven’t have time to finish their breakfast. Children to go back and ask questions to their class; what would you like on the bagels? Any food allergies? How many children like bagels? Do you have breakfast at home before you come to school? If you could have a bagel, would you have one? How many children have breakfast? Who hasn’t had breakfast? Children to record findings in their book and feedback at the next meeting (next week).

* Funded by the DfE.

* The bagels are to ensure no child is hungry at school. Bagels could be delivered to classes by a ‘Bagel Buddy’ (one per class) at the beginning of school.

* Mrs Knowles to hold an assembly about the Bagel Bar and a taster session (school council to help).

* Bagel launch: 4th February.

Any other business:

* Next meeting: 16th January 2019


Points discussed (28/11/18)

Apologies: Miss Charlton (illness)


* Mr Waldron brought a finance Awareness sheet for the children to help them have a better understanding of where our money is spent in school.

*Mr Waldron sent round a quiz for the children to do in small groups.

*Children gave their answers to the quiz, lots of variations in the answers, ie- 10 glue sticks cost £20 ac total £7.50, talked about different makes and quality.

*Photo copy paper is £10.50, in a year we spend around £6000 on paper, we use around 30 boxes each half term.

* As a school we get the cheapest milk in the area costing us £10,758 per year.

* Our budget in school is around £300,000,00

*Our photo copies cost last year £19.350, we could buy 2 x boxes per class.

A huge thankyou to Mr Waldron .

Any other business:

* A. has left need a new member from 2NK

* Mrs Byrom came to talk to the children about working with schools abroad. We will write a letter talking about what it like in our areas, famous people, talk about the differences in our countries.

--JLT to be involved


Points discussed (14/11/18)

* Investors in Pupils – children are rewarded tokens for achieving their targets in class. They can then use their tokens to buy prizes (termly).
Junior Leadership Team (JLT) are designing the tokens. It is the children’s responsibility to look after their own tokens.
The children will receive up to 3 tokens a year – 1 for each term. The children can spend their tokens on a termly basis, or save up to cash them in. A date will be given for the children to come and spend their tokens (JLT to make a rota), this will happen at the end of each term. A tally will be kept to monitor how many tokens each house has achieved, at the end of the year the winning house will receive a prize.

* School Council to ask their class for prize ideas.

* School Council to ask what the children like and do not like about school dinners – record ideas and feedback to next meeting.

* School Council to monitor packed lunches, school dinners and waste (O and E, J and S & K and H).

* School Council to create a child friendly packed lunch policy (next half term). Discussed what’s healthy and unhealthy.

* Mr Waldron to attend the next meeting.

Any other business:

  • Next meeting – Wednesday 28th November.
  • Leather footballs are banned


Points discussed

  • Mr Waldron to visit School Council after half term.
  • Feedback from class (ways to improve school); basketball and netball nets in the playground, soft balls, replace benches in playground, fences with no gaps, greenhouse, more dinner benches so that the children can sit with their friends, new dinner trays, gymnastics club, more dinner options, locks on the lockers (discussed why this cannot happen), more playtime equipment for Key Stage 1.
  • Miss Brown to attend school council after half term to discuss new playground equipment.
  • Children who did not ask their class about how to improve school, reminded to ask this week and write ideas down in their books.
  • Children to investigate school dinners – small groups go into the hall to monitor waste, food on the floor and ask children about their dinner. Children to record their findings and bring them to school council to discuss.
  • Packed Lunch Policy – children to create a picture of what a good lunchbox looks like, create a child-friendly policy and to ask Mrs White if we can write a section on healthy lunchboxes for the newspaper (after half term).
  • Children to ask their class about what they like and dislike about school dinners or their packed lunches.

Any other business:

  • Next meeting – Wednesday 14th November.