Our School Council

This weeks meeting minutes:

Points discussed (28/11/18)

Apologies: Miss Charlton (illness)


* Mr Waldron brought a finance Awareness sheet for the children to help them have a better understanding of where our money is spent in school.

*Mr Waldron sent round a quiz for the children to do in small groups.

*Children gave their answers to the quiz, lots of variations in the answers, ie- 10 glue sticks cost £20 ac total £7.50, talked about different makes and quality.

*Photo copy paper is £10.50, in a year we spend around £6000 on paper, we use around 30 boxes each half term.

* As a school we get the cheapest milk in the area costing us £10,758 per year.

* Our budget in school is around £300,000,00

*Our photo copies cost last year £19.350, we could buy 2 x boxes per class.

A huge thankyou to Mr Waldron .

Any other business:

* A. has left need a new member from 2NK

* Mrs Byrom came to talk to the children about working with schools abroad. We will write a letter talking about what it like in our areas, famous people, talk about the differences in our countries.

--JLT to be involved


Previous weeks meeting minutes:

Points discussed (14/11/18)

* Investors in Pupils – children are rewarded tokens for achieving their targets in class. They can then use their tokens to buy prizes (termly).
Junior Leadership Team (JLT) are designing the tokens. It is the children’s responsibility to look after their own tokens.
The children will receive up to 3 tokens a year – 1 for each term. The children can spend their tokens on a termly basis, or save up to cash them in. A date will be given for the children to come and spend their tokens (JLT to make a rota), this will happen at the end of each term. A tally will be kept to monitor how many tokens each house has achieved, at the end of the year the winning house will receive a prize.

* School Council to ask their class for prize ideas.

* School Council to ask what the children like and do not like about school dinners – record ideas and feedback to next meeting.

* School Council to monitor packed lunches, school dinners and waste (O and E, J and S & K and H).

* School Council to create a child friendly packed lunch policy (next half term). Discussed what’s healthy and unhealthy.

* Mr Waldron to attend the next meeting.

Any other business:

  • Next meeting – Wednesday 28th November.
  • Leather footballs are banned


Points discussed

  • Mr Waldron to visit School Council after half term.
  • Feedback from class (ways to improve school); basketball and netball nets in the playground, soft balls, replace benches in playground, fences with no gaps, greenhouse, more dinner benches so that the children can sit with their friends, new dinner trays, gymnastics club, more dinner options, locks on the lockers (discussed why this cannot happen), more playtime equipment for Key Stage 1.
  • Miss Brown to attend school council after half term to discuss new playground equipment.
  • Children who did not ask their class about how to improve school, reminded to ask this week and write ideas down in their books.
  • Children to investigate school dinners – small groups go into the hall to monitor waste, food on the floor and ask children about their dinner. Children to record their findings and bring them to school council to discuss.
  • Packed Lunch Policy – children to create a picture of what a good lunchbox looks like, create a child-friendly policy and to ask Mrs White if we can write a section on healthy lunchboxes for the newspaper (after half term).
  • Children to ask their class about what they like and dislike about school dinners or their packed lunches.

Any other business:

  • Next meeting – Wednesday 14th November.