Year Three- home learning

Welcome. Each day this page will be updated with activities for you to do at home.

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Find the value of the underlined digit in the following numbers.

136                   345                   672                   234

3490                 2389                 2178                  3419


Use the DK find out link to research about Tsunamis then answer the following questions.

  1. How tall can a Tsunami wave be?
  2. What speed does a Tsunami travel?
  3. What would happen to buildings if a Tsunami hit?
  4. How does a Tsunami occur?
  5. What do the words ‘shallow’ and ‘broad’ mean?


Click below for the Maths and English answers.

Maths and English answers.


reign, regular, recent.

Silly sentences – use the words to create some silly sentences.


Have fun playing the magnetic materials game. Remember, if you don't have a dice, you can download a free app!

If you finish, why don't you make your own magnestic materials came! ENJOY :) 

Click on the image to open up the game.


Find 3 toys that you don’t play with and set them aside to take them to the charity shop.


Monday 30th March 2020


Have a go at these place value questions. Use the digits to make differnt numbers. The answers are on the last page. 

Place Value Sheet


Read the information about Vocanoes and answer the questions. The answers are on the last page. 

Reading Volcano Comprehension


separate, sentence, remember

Word swirl – Draw a big near swirl on your page. Fill each little area with your spelling. Use a different colour for each box if you can. Challenge: Can you add some of last weeks words?


Research and learn the different body parts in French and then play Simon Says with a family member.


On search Cosmic Kids Yoga and choose a video to do.


Friday 27th March 2020



Katie thinks we use an before a, e, i, o, u, h and m, Is she correct?

She has written to Dr Wordpool for some advice but she hasn't had time to finish her letter! Can you finish it for her and help Katie out?



Write 10 sentences with your spelling word in!

Wider curriculum- Art:

Have a go at drawing these cute little guys!


Research your family tree- see how far back you can go!

Thursday 26th March 2020




though, therefore

Write your spelling words forwards then backwards. Remember to write neatly! 

Wider Curriculum- Geography:

On the back page of your booklet, write about flood safety rules. 


Joe Wicks is running a live PE lesson everyday at 9am on his Youtube channel- The Body Coach. If you can join in at 9- brill! If not, complete one of his 'PE with Joe' workouts from earlier in the week!

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Complete these problems and number investigations.


A 'journey to school' part 2. Today, you are going to write a diary entry imagining you are one of the children in the picture on your way to school.

- Remember to write in the first person (I, My, We) and in the past tense. 

- You could include a fronted adverbial. (Cautiously, I crept over the thin sheet of ice) 


through, thought, although

Write your spellings in bubble letters.

Wider curriculum- Geography:

On the next page of your booklet, explain what causes flooding. 

Then, on the page after that explain what we can do to prevent floods from happening. 


Create a rainbow to go in your window to spread some cheer! This could be done any way you like, for example- paints, felt tips, as a collage. 

Here are some that children have already made for some inspiration!

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Use your column addition skills to answer these word problems.


This picture shows 'a journey to school'- answer the questions in full sentences. 


woman, weight, various

Write your spelling words with coloured pencils. Make each letter a different colour.


Get a piece of A4 paper and fold it in half to create a booklet about flooding. Create a front cover explaining what a flood is, using the information from yesterday's slides. 


Go to and type in Cosmic Kids Yoga- complete a fun yoga activity!


Monday 23rd March 2020


The Pig Dice Game 

What you need to play: 

  • One die 
  • A sheet of paper

How to play:

Step 1: Throw the die and the player records the number that they roll. As long as a one isn’t thrown, the player can roll again and add the number to their total. 

Step 2: After each throw, the player has to decide whether to throw again or keep the points they’ve scored. If a one is thrown at any point, the player loses all the points scored so far. 

Step 3: The first player to score 100 is the winner.



Practise writing questions: write a short set of interview questions to ask someone in your house. Don't forget to punctuate them correctly.

Spelling of the day:

women - can you illustrate this word to help you remember what it means and how to spell it? 

wider curriculum:

Next half term we are going to be learning about Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Natural Disasters. Have a read of this presentation about flooding. We will be giving you some tasks linked to this over the next few days.


Go on a 3D shape hunt around your house. How many different shapes can you find? Challenge: can you find a tape measure to find out how big they are?