Year 3 Home Learning

We will continue to upload activities to this page every weekday. In addition to this you may want to have a look at the lessons being published daily on The Oak National Academy here. There are videos of teachers delivering the lessons. You may also want to have a look at the BBC Bitesize content for Year 3 here too or even on the red button on your TV.

Please note...our free access to Emile came to an end at the end of June so children's accounts will now be closed.

Last week Mrs Fielding's bubble took part in a virtual animation workshop, here is what we made!


Hi guys, we have tried to make this week a little more fun and not too hard - who wants to work hard on the last week?

We have really missed you over the last 16 weeks and Mrs Fielding, Miss Wilson and Mr Waring can't wait to see how big you have got! 

It's Miss McFet uploading this week and I just want to say a huge goodbye and will miss you all next year when I am teaching in Beijing! 

We hope you have a great summer and enjoy your time off! Fingers crossed the weather gets better!

Friday 17th July 2020

The FINAL day has arrived. Enjoy your summer and have plenty of fun and keep safe!!


Finish the maths mystery today by completing clue 4 and 5 and find out who discovered where the missing tennis balls went!

Maths Mystery - complete clues 4 and 5


Today, complete the remaining clues in our mystery and discover who was responsible for swapping the eggs and spoons for spaghetti and forks!

English Mystery - complete clues 4 and 5


Ask someone in your family to test you on your spellings.

wider curriculum - re

Use these worksheets to learn about the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi. All the links to videos and explanations of the tasks you need to complete are in this document.

RE activity


Although the year was cut short we made some wonderful memories together. Fill out this to think about your favourite memories from this year!


Thursday 16th July 2020


Complete Clues 1, 2 and 3 from the Mystery of the Missing Tennis Balls! Tomorrow you will complete it and find out who discovers them!

Maths Mystery - remember to only complete clues 1 - 3


Complete clues 1,2 and 3 of the Mystery of the Egg and Spoon Swindler. Tomorrow you will be tackling the other clues and finding out who had tampered with the egg and spoon race equipment.

English Mystery - remember to only complete clues 1 - 3


Have a go at the Look, Cover, Write, Check sheet.

Spelling activity

wider curriculum - phse

Read through this powerpoint exploring different bullying scenarios. Then, read the different scenarios and answer the questions about them. You might want to talk through your answers to these questions with an adult at home, or write some notes to collect your ideas.

Bullying PowerPoint



As you know Miss McFet is moving to China and won’t be at Beeston Primary School. Have a go at making this Chinese Spiced Noodle Recipie – she will be eating things like this A LOT in China!  


Wednesday 15th July 2020


This is the last Daily 10 this week. 

Wednesday's Daily 10

Daily 10 Answers


Read through the powerpoint, then work through the 'There, Their and They’re' worksheet.

There, their, they're powerpoint

There, their, they're worksheet


Have a go at writing your spellings in bubble writing. Then fill in the bubble writing with the same spelling. 

wider curriculum - ART

Margaret Godfrey enjoys using a wide variety of subject matter for her artistic interpretation. Her pictures incorporate both representational and abstract styles and often include both. Living in the beautiful McKenzie Valley in Oregon and traveling throughout the U.S and abroad, she finds an abundance of inspiration for creating art. Margaret shares her enthusiasm for watercolor through teaching and active membership in watercolor associations.

Here are some examples of her work, focussing on volcanoes. Today, create your own piece of volcano art in the style of Margaret Godfrey



Have a go at the Joe Wicks activity cards. See if you can do a minute on each!!

Joe Wicks Activity Cards


Tuesday 14th July 2020


Have a go at today’s Daily 10.

Tuesday's Daily 10

Daily 10 Answers


Read Caliban’s ode to The Island, when you read it try to read it out loud and add some drama to it. Imagine how Caliban was feeling when he was expressing his love for the Island! Using the structure of an Ode and the key phrases provided have a go at writing your own ode.
You could choose to write it as a character from the Tempest to another character, for example from Ferdiand to Miranda. Or, you might decide to write it from yourself to something you really love. If I were going to do this I might write an ode to chocolate…

Oh delicious chocolate
You are a beauty to behold
With your smooth, creamy texture and delicious flavours
I love the way you fill my mouth with flavour
And create a warm glow in my tummy like a hot summer’s evening (I bet you can guess which teacher started writing this!)

Odes and Insults Poems


Have a go at practicing your spellings with this word search.


wider curriculum - dit

Design a colourful pizza for a vegetarian. Make sure you think carefully about what kind of foods a vegetarian can eat. Once you have designed your pizza have a go at making it (you could buy a ready made pizza base, or use this recipe to make it from scratch). Next, eat your creation! Finally, you will need to evaluate the finished product- this means thinking about what went well and what you might change if you were going to make the pizza again.

Pizza Base Template


Read the news article about ‘Snot’ Palaces and then have a go at making your own slime!

News report

Gooey slime instructions

Monday 13th July 2020


Have a go at today’s Daily 10,

Monday's Daily 10



Watch the next section of the Tempest, then complete these reading comprehension. There are some tricky, Shakespearean phrases in the text today. If you watch the video first this will help you to understand the text, but don’t forget to explore the context of the sentence the tricky phrases are in to help you understand them.

Reading comprehension


Go through the PPT to see the spellings for this week. Then write them down.

Spelling PowerPoint

wider curriculum - science

Read through this powerpoint exploring soil formation. Once’ you’ve done that use this instruction sheet to create your own compost bin at home. We would love to see a picture of these!

Science PowerPoint


Try out this week’s Tempest Dance workout video!

Friday 10th July 2020

Well done for getting through another week of home learning! You're all doing a great job. Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Fielding, Miss McFet and Miss Wilson


Today's lesson is looking at parallel and perpendicular lines.

Watch this video:

Then complete this worksheet.
The answers are here.


Try these SPaG activities:

1 star= green

2 stars= orange

3 stars= red

Choose the sheet that challenges you most today.


Today ask someone to test you on this week's spellings. If you get any wrong make sure you write them out 3 times correctly. 

Wider Curriculum- PHSE

How has your week been? It can be easy to dwell on the parts of our week that haven’t gone our way. This has been especially true during the recent months, there is a very long list of things we haven’t been able to do! Today, I would like you to spend some time thinking about how you have felt (and it’s ok if this hasn’t been positive all the time!), then think about some things you have done to be helpful and kind to others and what you have learnt. Record your thoughts on this sheet. I’d love to see some of them.


Friday night is movie night in my house and this idea was suggested by one of the children in my class so it works nicely.
Watch your favourite film. After, you could write a review of the movie or maybe create a poster to advertise the film in the cinema.


Thursday 9th July 2020


Today's lesson is going to be looking at horizontal and vertical lines.

Watch this video:

Then complete this worksheet.
The answers are here.


Read this text and then answer the questions, make sure you take notice of the Guided Reading dog at the side of each question, they will help you with the answer.

read the text out loud and see how many words you can get up to in 60 seconds.  Take a break, and try again. Can you improve your score? Don't rush, it still needs to be clear!
2. write your own questions about this text and write down which guided reading dog would ask this type of question.


Wider Curriculum- Science

Follow this link to a lesson about Renewable energy:

Science Lesson


Flapjack and Mary Berry are both firm favourites in my house, have a go at making this delicious flapjack with an adult at home. (You can mix in some dried fruit too, if you have any in the cupboard).

Merry Berry Flapjack

Wednesday 8th July 2020


Have a go at this Nrich challenge, make sure you read the instructions carefully.

Maths Challenge


Re-watch part 3 of the Tempest and then re-tell the story. You might want to do this like a comic strip (not forgetting the features that you learned in school when we made our e-safety comics!), or you might just want to write it in paragraphs.
Before you start it might be an idea to use summarising Sheba to help you establish the main events of this part of the story.

The Tempest Retelling     Comic Strip template


Wider Curriculum- Art

I’m wishing the summer back, let’s see if you can help it on its way with all of year 3 thinking about and drawing their perfect summer day out.


Lego challenge! Choose as many of these lego challenges as you want to do. If you can come up with any better lego challenges email them to us and we will add them next week!

Tuesday 7th July 2020


For this maths activity you are going to be doing some column addition (if you need a reminder have a look at this video), but there will be more numbers to work with than you might be used to. Don’t let it hold you back, if you work carefully through them you will be absolutely fine. I’ve had a go at this activity, and my top tips are:

1. look for your number bonds first

2. cross out the numbers you add together as you go along so you don’t use them more than once!

3. make notes of the totals as you go along, you will end up with lots of little jottings and that is fine!


Challenge- using the same table, work out the value of my name!


Remind yourself about adverbs and their job by watching this video.

Then have a go at this worksheet.

The answers are here

Challenge: write your own sentences for each adverb


Complete this wordsearch with this week's spellings on. 

Wider Curriculum- ICT

Follow this link to a lesson exploring viruses and malware, it’s always a good idea to know how to protect your devices! There are also some activities on here to help increase your typing speed. I’ve had a go and my keyboard was on fire by  the end!!

Virus and Malware Lesson


Have a go at creating your own tongue twister- the video suggests that it is related to the Tempest, but you could use your own ideas too. Once you’ve practiced it, why not challenge someone at home with it!



Monday 6th July 2020

Good morning Year 3! It's Mrs Fielding this week. I hope you're all ok and managing to stay positive. We've really enjoyed catching up with your familes over the last few weeks. Have another great week and well done for keeping going with your home learning, we are all very proud of you!


Today you are going to help Ariel (from the Tempest) create a sleep spell. You’ll need to use different ingredients to make sure you have the right quantities of legs and wings! Let me know how many different ways you can make the spell recipe!



We are continuing with our learning about the Tempest, and this week we are going to be looking at part 3. Watch the video and then work through the reading comprehension.

Reading Comprehension


Read through the powerpoint for your spellings and the rule this week. Once you've done that write out your spellings.

wider curriculum- Geography

After a week of rain and grey skies, follow this link to a lesson asking the question I’ve been asking on repeat “why does it rain”?

Geography Lesson


Learn the moves for the Tempest dance:

Then put them into practice in this week's workout video: