Our Vision for PE, Healthy Active Lifestyles (HAL) and School Sport (SS)

Beeston Primary is a school of healthy, happy and active learners who understand and embrace the importance of a healthy and physically active lifestyle for all.

We care about our bodies, making healthy choices and challenging ourselves to develop and build our skills in all areas of the curriculum.

We are competitive and we aim to win, but we understand good sportsmanship and that it is just as important to take part.

We are a school that likes to have a go, get involved and feel great!

Sports Premium

From September 2013 until 2020 the government is giving £150 million per annum into primary schools to improve the provision of physical education within school, creating more opportunities for competitive sport for all and increasing awareness of healthy living and well-being amongst pupils.

The money is given by the; Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport (through Sport England). In 2017, the government decided to double the amount of sports premium funding each school is to receive. Each school will now receive approximately £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil.


Estimated Allocation for the current year (2019-2020): £21,180


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Differences made to participation and attainment

Sports Coach

The sports coach enabled all children to have access to sporting activities that they may not have had the opportunity to be part of outside of school. The children were excited and engaged during their weekly session with the coach. Ensuring that teaching staff were part of these sessions means that they will be able to carry on good practice when teaching their own P.E lessons.

Real P.E scheme

Real P.E is a progressive scheme, based on learning and applying fundamental movement skills. The scheme is proven to enable children to 'create positive relationships with physical activity for life'. The scheme is embedded within the curriculum and many of the units link to the fundamental British Values and SMSC.

Mini Me Yoga

Mini Me Yoga is a series of postures/poses/movements that one holds to improve strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation. Through participation we are encouraging positive emotions, a wider thought process, improvements to creativity and academic achievement.

Premier Stars

Through a partnership with Leeds United’s Premier Stars we are offering exciting extra-curricular activities, Upper and Lower KS2 sports coaching, CPD for all staff and ways to implement a whole school assessment tool.


Pupils and staff were asked to complete a questionnaire on the impact of Physical Education within school.

Pupil responses;

'I enjoy taking part in yoga sessions because it helps me to focus'.

'The games we play are so fun and I now know how to evade a defender!'

Staff responses

'Mini Me Yoga is an excellent tool to have in the classroom to improve positive relationships and use as a calming strategy'.

‘I have found since working alongside Premier Stars in P.E lessons that the children are more excited and engaged and can communicate what they have learnt during the lesson and I have learnt valuable skills for future use.’