Dear Parents and Carers,

In November 2015, the Leadership Team reviewed the procedures for parent and carers, in raising any concerns regarding their children. This is to help ease any concerns or anxieties you may currently have by implementing a system which follows Leeds City Council policies and procedures.

Any concerns/worries/anxieties will be dealt with in the following way. This will continue to improve how school manages parental worries and will help continue to develop a strong partnership between families and school. As we all work together to ensure that all children are safe and happy at our school.


The informal Stage of the Complaints Process is as follows:

Stage 1: Please speak to the class teacher to make an appointment at a mutually convenient time, or please ring the school office for them to arrange this for you. (Most issues are resolved at this stage)

Stage 2: If unresolved, then a further meeting will be organised with your child's class teacher and Department Leader who is an Assistant Headteacher and part of the Senior Leadership Team.

Stage 3: If a concern continues then a meeting will be set up with Mrs White or Mrs Tidey, Deputy Headteachers, Department Leader and class teacher (It is extremely rare that a concern will get to stage 3). The Headteacher is aware of any issues at this stage.

Stage 4: Only serious cases will be heard by the Headteacher and will involve an investigation to ensure that all options of support (from Stages 1 to 3) have been exhausted.


The formal stage of the Complaints process is as follows:

If you are not happy with the outcome from the Stage 4 investigation, then school will accept a formal complaint. An independent investigating officer from the Governing Body will investigate the issue/case, which may involve looking at evidence and interviewing all parties involved. If you feel the end result is to be questioned then an appeals process can be undertaken. Further details on the formal stage of the complaint process can be found on the school's website under 'Policies'.


Mrs Knowles, Pastoral Leader, and a member of our senior leadership team, is available to support you at any time and at any stage of this process. Mrs Knowles is responsible for managing behaviour and supporting families in school. She is available every day and can be contacted by email or please ring school to make an appointment. Mrs Knowles can also signpost any families, who may be struggling with their children at home, to outside agency support and is always available for a friendly chat.

By working together we will continue to improve the outcomes for our children.

Best wishes,

Mr. Edensor