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Academic Year 2020-21:

June 2021:

May 2021:


April 2021: 

March 2021:


February 2021: 

23rd February 2021: Arrangements for the full re-opening of Beeston Primary School
(Covid risk assessment updates are viewable on our News page of the website)


January 2021:



December 2020:







November 2020:















October 2020:

5M and 5JM Bubble Closure: All other parents, carers and staff
Year 5M and 5JM Bubble Closure: Letter to Year 5 parents and carers         We have been informed by Public Health England that there has been a mix-up with test results. We are sure children and parents in 5MA will be delighted to know that they no longer need to self-isolate. Pupils in 5MA can now return to school on Monday 2nd November. Children and staff in 5M and 5JM will need to self-isolate and can return to school on Mon 9th Nov as per previous direction from Public Health England. 











September 2020:











Academic Year 2019-20:

JULY 2020:

Covid-19 Guidance 2020

Lunch Menu September 2020

Leeds City Council letter to parents

Information for September 2020

For children going in to Y1, 4 or 6. See below for new class teacher:

New class for FSAB          New class for FSMA            New class for FSAP

New class for 3TW           New class for 3GM              New class for 3LF

New class for 5JM            New class for 5MA              New class for 5RM


Letter for parents of children currently in Reception, Year 3 and Year 5

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June 2020:

22/06/20 Leeds School Calendar

Please note, the chosen training day dates are as follows:

Monday 7th September, Monday 4th January, Friday 28th May, Monday 26th July, Tuesday 27th July.

April 2020:

29th April 2020: Y5 Ingleborough Postponed

April 2020: Spring Term, School Newspaper

March 2020:

20th March 2020: Covid-19 Update 4

19th March 2020: Covid-19 Update 3

18th March 2020: Covid-19, Nursery Closure

17th March 2020: Covid-19 Update 2

16th March: Covid-19 Advice

9th March 2020: Whole School Newsletter

February 2020:

14th February 2020: Whole School Newsletter

January 2020:  

10th January 2020: Whole School Newsletter

DECember 2019:  

13th December 2019: Whole School Newsletter

November 2019


15th November 2019: Bullying Leaflet   

November 2019: Antibullying Week

21st November 2019: Whole School Newsletter 

October 2019:


18th October 2019: Parents Consultation Letter        

25th October 2019: Whole School Newsletter   

October 2019: Gunpowder Plot Ball


September 2019:

* 6th September 2019: Whole School Newsletter




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