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SENDCo: Mrs. L. Jackson and Miss. G. Kaur 


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 SEND Policy (Jan 2021-23)

 SEND Report (Jan 2021-22)

 Accessibilitiy Policy (Jan 20-23)



 Online Safety Policy (April 2021-23)

 Online Safety Policy-Pupils Edition (April 2021-23)

 Prevent (April 2021-23)

 Positive Behaviour Policy (Sept 20)

 Statement of Behaviour Principles (Sept 20)

 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (2020-21)

  Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Addendum v2 (January 2021)

 Visitors in School Policy (April 2021-23)

 Whistleblowing Policy



Admissions Policy

 Anti Bullying Policy (April 2021-23)

 Child Friendly Anti Bullying Policy (May 2021-23)

 Attendance Policy (April 2021-23)

 Equality Policy

 Medicine Policy

 Medicine Policy Covid-19 Addendum (Oct 20)


Privacy Notices

 Employee Privacy Notice     

 Job Applicant Privacy Notice

 Governors and Volunteers    

 Pupil Privacy Notice


 Freedom of Information Policy     

 Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

 GDPR Policy    

 Model Publication Scheme



Financial Policies

 Charging and Remissions Policy (2020-21)

 Financial Benchmark Link



 Complaints Policy and Procedures 2019--