Donations to school from John Lewis Partnership Leeds

05th September 2019

Donations to school from John Lewis Partnership Leeds

John Lewis Partnership Leeds have been very generous in donating a Yamaha Piano to school.  The piano is sited in the hall for all staff to use during music lessons.  Below are the children from Reception enjoying a music lesson. 

We were also lucky enough to receive a guitar from them too, we are all looking forward to being able to further encourage the children to take part in music.

During the autumn term John Lewis contacted the school to ask if we would like to have a set of goal posts for the children to use during playtime and PE lessons.  This was also gratefully accepted and is to be set up in Key Stage 2 playground.

John Lewis’ generosity has not ended there.  We are in desperate need to improve our Key Stage 1 playground and we were invited to submit a bid to their DCI Partnership board.  The board look at bids sent in by schools and charities that need funding to help with a specific project.

On January 7th this year, we received some magnificent news in the form of an email to say that our bid had been successful and that John Lewis would be donating £9,145 towards the cost of the improvements to the playground.   This has made it possible for the work on the playground to start in early February.  I’m sure you will agree that a massive thank you to John Lewis for kindness and generosity to the children of Beeston Primary School is needed.

Please look out for the changes that will be happening in the outdoor area in Key Stage 1.  We will be sharing details of the project with John Lewis and Parents as they take place – please watch this space for updates!

Other donations have also been received from Friends of Beeston PTA who have been tirelessly raising funds to help the school with this project in mind.  We need to say a big thank you to Barclays Bank who have also made a donation of £2,000.  None of this would have been possible without the massive support from all of those named above.  Thank you!