Investors in Pupils


Beeston Primary School are currently working towards achieving the Investors in Pupils Award. The aim of this award is to empower all pupils and to develop responsibility and leadership in relation to their learning. At Beeston Primary School, we have always worked hard to ensure our pupils feel respected, safe and listened to. The Investors in Pupils Award allows us to recognise this, whilst embedding these principles within our school even further.

As part of the Investors in Pupils Award, we are working to develop pupil’s understanding of the school. Children will understand the roles of everyone who works at school, the role and responsibility of the school governors, an age appropriate understanding of how the school budget is spent and their own responsibilities within the school. 

Investors in Pupils encourages pupil participation and places importance on pupil voice. Within Beeston Primary School we have, running alongside our school council, our Junior Leadership Team. This group of year 6 children, meet weekly with a member of staff to discuss different projects and are key in sharing rewards with children who meet their individual target.

Investors in Pupils encourages the pupils to take responsibility for setting targets: whole class targets with things they want to improve on and individual, personal targets for themselves, each term. It helps them to recognise the importance of the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in their school, and helps them to consider how they as pupils can help to make a difference. 

All our classrooms have an Investors in Pupils display, which displays: 

  • A class charter and mission statement
  • A class target
  • Individual pupil targets
  • Class jobs
  • A class induction booklet


Future Investors in Pupils events:

  • Enterprise week (whole school)
  • Beeston in Bloom (Junior Leadership Team)