Week Commencing: 12-10-20

You don’t need to do this work if you are coming to school, but if you are self-isolating at home then here are your home learning tasks! We would love to see some of your work and give you some feedback, so you can send pictures or typed up work to year1@beestonprimary.org


Day 1 

Today we are looking at numbers on a number mine and answering some questions. Click on the image to download the worksheet. 



Day 2

In class we have been looking at the part, part, whole model. Here is an introduction to the part, part, whole model. Click on the image to download the worksheet. 


Day 3

Today we are continuing our work with part, part, whole models. Click on the image to download the worksheet. 


Day 4

Today is the final day working with a part, part, whole model. Click on the image below to download the worksheet. 


Day 5

On Friday's we love to do our BIG MATHS. Have a go at completing the questions. Remember you only have 20 seconds to complete as many as you can!


Day 1  Complete the RIC questions below.

Day 2 - This week we are focusing on Vocabulary Victor. Read the story about the Tooth Fairy and answer the questions on the sheet. (You can download the sheet by clicking on the image)

 Day 3  - Complete the word study below. You will need to find the given word in a dictionary or by using an online search engine. Copy the definition, write a sentence including the word and finish by drawing a picture. (You can download the sheet by clicking on the image)


Day 4 This week we are learning to write a 1A and a 2A sentence. (See the examples below) Can you complete the senetnces on the sheet by choosing appropriate adjectives? Once you have completed it you could write your own 1A/2A sentence linked to space. 

Day 5 - Following on from yesterday's lesson, we would now like you to have a go at writing a 1A/2A sentence about the moon. Remember that the adjective comes before the noun. If you are writing a 2A sentence please remeber to put a comma between your adjectives.




Day 1  

Art - To create a work of art using dots.


Watch the video on an introduction to pointillism. Research famous examples of pointillism artwork. Look at some of the materials they have used. How are they the similar/different? Which is your favourite and why? Create your own pointillism picture that consists of lots of small dots. Tip: use a cotton bud dipped in paint to make consistent dots.

Day 2

History - To investigate the life of a significant person.

Who is Helen Sharman? Research who she is and write down 3 facts you have learnt about her. Where is she from? What was her job? Is there an interesting fact about her?

Click on the image below to read some interesting facts about Helen Sharman. 


Day 3 

Science – To describe materials in more than one way.

Alien Explanation

Choose a material from: wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock. Now imagine some aliens have just landed in your house and they do not know what these materials are like. How would you describe that materials to them? Write some sentences to show what you would say to them. Here are some examples to help you: Glass is smooth and hard. Water can be hot or cold.

Day 4  

PSHE – To learn about sun safety.

What do you already know about sun safety? What does it mean? What do you need to stay safe in the sun? Create a colourful poster with 5 rules you must follow when you are out in the sun and that can be displayed for people to see.

Day 5 

RE - To explore and ask questions about the meaning of stories from the Muslim tradition.

Watch the story from the Muslim tradition Prophet Mohammed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEEORXFj-lo. What is the meaning of the story? Why is it told? What is a moral? Draw a picture of the story and write the moral of the story underneath in a sentence.



Phonics - Focusing on Phase 3 longer words

Click on the link for each day, watch the video and complete and have a go at completing some of the activities.

Day 1 


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

Have a go at the following games by clicking on the links below.